Do you love yourself? I do hope so.

If, like me, you do, I applaud you! But the question is – how much?

Do you love yourself enough to give up the fight?

Do you love yourself enough to give up what keeps you awake at night?

Do you love yourself enough to open your mind to new possibilities?

Do you love yourself enough to let go of a truth to embrace a greater truth?

Do you love yourself enough to let go of a belief that has been limiting you?

Every truth and every belief has its own destiny – I hope you like yours...

I don't write to change your mind; that's your job. I write to provoke thought in you, because when you contemplate deeply, you expand.

So, is there really an argument with anyone else? No – they are expressing their truth and that’s also their destiny. They've got their own mind and, like you, they only change it when they're ready to.

You don't empower yourself through fighting; you empower yourself through love. So if you've got a disease - any disease - love it and it will reveal itself to you.

Remember, the Light and its power structure on Earth, want to keep you fighting amongst yourselves – divide to conquer always works...

We are all challenged in different ways; that's why we're here. Adversity either makes us great or it sinks us. The answer is always self-love.

Sure we can help others along the way, but they've got their own minds and their own unique journeys to live. Leave them alone and let them be to express how they want to. Focus on you for you are also stuck in this matrix.

Everyone has got opinions and their own truths and beliefs, thus they have destinies commensurate with their level of mind. Your future is more important than trying to change someone else's mind.

So why am I banging on about this? I'll tell you why...

There's only one thing that prevents you from experiencing Christ consciousness and that's your emotional attachments to people, places, things and animals; but more overtly it's to family and to other people. Your Spiritual journey is to let go...

In order to let go, you have to have the wisdom that allows you to do that. I hope this article and my books will help you to realise more.

When you do let go, you will experience a return of your energy, in relation to what you've let go of. Evidence of this will be the crazy dreams you'll get when that happens.

The Light is an exagerated mirror of this World. There are evil creatures there, known as the 'Lords of the Light', who don't want any of us escaping from their jurisdiction, because our emotions and our memories are what sustains them. There is no other 'food' in the Light apart from this energy. They are energy parasites.

The only way these heinous creatures and their soulless representatives here on Earth, can keep you in their matrix (trap), is through your emotional body. I have hereby given you the way out ~ Gary Bate.

P.s. The final mastery is over your fantasy life. What is a fantasy? It's a lie because it only exists in your mind.

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