Escaping the Matrix by Gary Bate

People like to think it's something else or that it's someone else's fault or that they're the victim of circumstances outside of their control; but how can that be when there's only consciousness?

So what is the Matrix?

That's a bit like asking a fish what is water? We can easily relate to movies like the Matrix and series like Westworld, but we make the mistake of pigeon-holing these great works into some kind of fantasy.

If you stretch something you'll distort it and the more you stretch it the more you distort it. That's kind of like what's happened with consciousness...

This World is a veiled consciousness – the wool has been pulled over your eyes. This is part of the Matrix and before you can escape it, you have to see it for what it is and accept it for what it is.

So what would you see if the veil was lifted? You'd see the full Matrix and what this World belongs to. The governing World of this World is the Light realm.

The Light realm sits above this World and there's a frequency that sits in between it and our 'solid-appearing' World. This frequency is infrared. It's a bit like what happens when you take a picture with an old-fashioned camera – the Light is the picture and infrared is the negative. That is not to suggest that the Light is positive and infrared is negative, for both polarities exist in all 3 frequencies of this Matrix.

As above so below. As below so above.

Is there more? Yes but the 'more' is outside of the Matrix, because when we release, the distortion goes and we move to the 'higher & finer' frequencies, where there is no polarity (no good and bad scenarios).

What's the problem with staying in this Matrix? Well that's a bit like asking sheep what's the problem with staying in the pen! They are controlled and they don't know they are and we are controlled and we don't accept we are.

How can I say this with confidence? Because most people are living this life as if it's real and as if this is all there is. They are quite happy to take their turn to die and just want to provide the money for their own funeral, so that people don't think bad of them after they've gone.

The extent to which an 'individuals' consciousness can collapse beggars belief.

The Matrix is like a merry-go-round, except it's not merry! People are controlled here, then they die and they go to the Light, where the control continues...

The 'Lords' in the Light are like the Rothchild's and Windsors of this World, except they are not human looking. Their tentacles reach down into this World (they see us but we don't see them) and they maintain their control through mind control – they are mind parasites.

They don't want to lose anyone of us because, at the point of death, they rob our memories and that's what they feed upon. They operate a kind of recycling factory. The 'unaware' come to them, they're stripped of their memories and they join the queue for the next suitable body (a near genetic match) to re-enter this World for yet another go at Soul Completion.

My 2 off-spring re-entered shortly after my 2 grandparents died, which has blessed me by knowing them as both.

We must stop the rot whilst we can. I say that because the control here is being ratcheted up every day.

What do you think religion is really about?
What do you think a cashless society is really about?
What do you think anti-semitism is really about?
What do you think privatisation is really about?
What do you think anti-hate speech is really about?
What do you think blaming CO2 for climate change is really about?
What do you think teaching kids to question their gender is really about?
What do you think teaching kids about gays and same sex parenting is really about?
What do you think reducing the age of consent is really about?
...and the list goes on...

It's all mind control and I could write another book on this...

So if everything is consciousness, which it is, how can we escape this Matrix prison? Through consciousness of course – through your own consciousness.

The idea that you can escape just by sitting there and contemplating, will be beyond most people's comprehension. But it's true. It's all about where your mind is at...

I've talked at length about the steps (gears) of consciousness in my 3 books and there’s more in my other articles here on my website; so I'm not going to say it all again here. I will, however, leave you with one thought, which I think is the single most important exit strategy – always keep your intent pure and keep your focus on that and off of all outcomes. Effects are the past whereas intent is the future now ~ Gary Bate.

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