Soul Completion by Gary Bate

I chose this article title because it's the single most important thing for all of us who have a Soul. The only reason we are here and the only purpose for our lives is Soul Completion.

There are entities amongst us who are soulless. They have no conscience and their actions give them away. We do not need to concern ourselves with these empty shells because our Spiritual journeys are only about our evolution. So let's get started – I am going to write this so that it is a help to everyone ~ Gary.

What is a Soul?

I'm jumping right in here because we cannot understand what Soul Completion is unless we know what we are, what a Soul is and our relationship to our Souls.

Probably the best way to answer the question of what we are is to ask the question, what aren't we? Energy manifests in endless ways.

Whatever you believe yourself to be is kind of the truth and certainly the truth for you. So if you think you are just a Human being, which is the same as saying “I am a Human body” then you have simply limited yourself to that.

In another example – if you think you are the essence of all life, then that is a great belief, which you can only prove to yourself.

The greatest love is self-love and that is constantly proving to yourself your expanding mind, until you prove to yourself the ultimate realisation.

So let's not get too bogged down with definitions because the greatest truth is probably undefinable. Suffice to say that apart from AI, we all have a Spirit and most of us on this planet have a Soul.

The really important point is – you are not a Soul; it's something you've got.

I talk about the beginning, about energy and consciousness, about our composite beings and other related material in my 2 books, so I am going to write this on the assumption that you've read my books or at least my conclusions here will inspire you to do so.

A Soul is an energy essence; it's a kind of emotional accounting system that was born from its over-Soul, which is your Spirit. Of course it has a purpose as otherwise it wouldn't exist!

The purpose of the Soul is to capture wisdom from the emotional experiences we have. I say 'emotional' because once we've got the wisdom from an experience, we are no longer emotional about it. Now you can deduce why I said the Soul is a kind of emotional accounting system.

Unresolved emotional experiences can be called unfinished business. Unresolved meaning emotional experiences that haven't been resolved into wisdom.

The purpose of your Soul then is to capture wisdom; it's a Wisdom Hunter.

Your purpose is not to live for the World but to live for your Soul. The trick is to know what's incomplete in you and the clues to that are the emotions you are running in your life. Becoming aware of your Soul is the most important thing you can do.

I have often said that life is all about relative importance and I am now saying that we should all elevate Soul Completion to the top of our priorities.

There are 2 ways that you can become wise and 'enlightened'. You can just live and observe yourself and desire the wisdom from all of your experiences. Or you can read/listen to lofty philosophy (somebody else's truth), which hopefully will get verified by your own experiences and thus enhance your wisdom.

For me to be of service to you, the best I can do is give you my wisdom here. With this in mind, I will address the main places that people get caught up in, in order to get you to contemplate and expand your mind to where you may never have gone.


If you've got this far the chances are I'm going to lose you now because this is the big one that almost every woman and most men get caught up on.

A 'person' is born to a particular family because they, along with their Soul, have found a genetic match for what their Soul is encumbered by. The purpose of one's parents and grandparents is simply that they are showing us what we are here to 'own' as wisdom in our lives.

Equally, if we have children, we are showing them their genetics to move beyond. The best parent is the parent who evolves himself/herself for they are then a great example for their children to follow.

Being emotional about family members is immature because it demonstrates a lack of understanding and wisdom.

The mechanics of why certain genes are chosen and triggered is one for the scientists, but suffice to say that it's thought responsive and thus your every thought counts.

The Human emotional need of parents and grandparents who want close contact and or regular visits from their children/grandchildren or vice versa, is total emotional neediness and the emotions involved are what the Soul wants to capture as wisdom. Hopefully I am helping here..

We have come here to evolve beyond the previous limitations we had when we exited our last life. Our souls never lose their records. The family we are born to is our best mirror for self-reflection. We are not supposed to be 'chips off the old block' and if that's all we achieve, it's a missed opportunity.

Believe it or not, I am all for healthy family environments. We just need to understand the deeper significance of what's going on. All great masters left their families; meaning they went beyond the genetic mindset of them. I am grateful to my parents for giving me a body and showing me their limitations.

The best I can do for my 2 adult offspring is to focus on evolving myself.

People will argue this forever and a day, but they'll only be arguing for their own limitations, which is a normal thing in Human consciousness. Living by Human emotional feelings does not evolve your Soul; it just rots your body.


I have had 4 serious illnesses in my life and the grim reaper has been for me twice. I nearly lost my life in 83 to a severe foot infection. I had Rheumatic Fever when I was 5. I had DVT & PE 10 years ago and this year I've had my worst year with Gout. So I know a bit about disease from first hand experience.

With every illness there is a mind link, which is usually one or more unloving attitudes. Louse Hay wrote the best-selling book about this, namely, You can heal your life. If you google this title and add pdf on the end you'll get the free ebook – fascinating!

However, as much as we can often take what Louise says, I have also found that disease will visit, as a reminder, when we're not in sync with our Soul. In this case the disease is there to remind us of the destiny we have if we don't change our attitudes/behaviour. A stubborn attitude towards change will always bring illness because evolution is all about change.

Living only for Soul Completion is congruent with Radiant Health. We are not here for each other or for other people.

Dis-ease is always related to one or more unloving attitudes. Loving yourself enough to change yourself is the way out.


Money is a creation of this World – it doesn't exist 'above'. It is literally created out of thin air by private companies (owned by international bankers) and loaned to governments at interest! This is done not only for the bankers to make colossal wealth but for them to also own the governments as whosoever is the creditor is the rule maker. So you can see that money is nothing more than a ponzi scheme that is unique to this World.

I don't normally quote other people but I like this one I saw today from Noam Chomsky, “It's pretty ironic that the so-called 'least advantaged' peoples are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us, while the richest and most powerful among us are trying to drive society to destruction”.

A truly Spiritual person is not motivated by money; they are motivated by Soul Completion. It's no wonder then that many of us have struggled to stay afloat in this life. Suffice to say that I can't offer you any help with this one, other than the basic 'find a need and fill it'. Like the rest of us, just do your best to stay afloat as long as you can and focus on what's the most important.

Most teachers and gurus are motivated by money. It doesn't matter how they dress it up – fees for online videos and retreats or donations to charities etc. It all amounts to the same thing – you pay to follow them and their minds.

Soul Completion is an individual journey; it's not some mass movement guided by someone who is motivated by money. You're on the correct path when you follow your own Soul.

Other People

I'm mentioning this because I know there are many people who think that life is all about other people and that we're all here for each other – poppycock!

You're in a much better place if you think this whole World exists just for you.

You are not here for others; you're really here for yourself and your Soul. You don't really owe anybody anything nor do they owe you. Forgiveness is for self.

The wiser you become the more you let go of others and all the other illusions.


You are only accountable to yourself and to your God – that's all.

The same people who create money out of thin air, create laws to make you accountable to them. That's their delusion. These people also create all the wars, all the famine, all the poverty, all the child-trafficking and the list goes on..

I am sure you are now seeing the stark contrast between being a truly Spiritual person and living for this World.


I've covered Love extensively in my 2 books so I'll keep this bit relevant to the title of this article.

The more you resolve (through personal realisation) your unresolved emotion into wisdom, the more loving you become. The wiser you are the more loving you are. Wisdom isn't cleverness.

Love then is not an emotion; it's what you are absent of all emotions. If you consider the state of Joy an emotion then Joy would be the emotion of Love.

We will know when our energies converge in our heart centres – it is when we are living in a permanent state of Joy – imagine that.

The measure of your love is your ability to continually change yourself.

Looks can be deceiving. I can look like a young fit man one day and the next day present pale, in pain and crippled after a gout attack during the night.

My illness has been my greatest teacher. One thing I learned was that there's no food, herb or drug that is more powerful than my own consciousness.

If we don't cure our own chronic illnesses through our own minds, but resort to drugs, then we only have one destiny.

If you're watching a program that you don't like, you can always switch it off and that's your choice. But beware, it's not just deciding to switch it off; it's remaining conscious enough so as to not press the on button again. It takes constant super-vigilance to stop your auto-programs in their tracks..

So why do body cells depreciate over time and why do you grow older as your watch ticks? Because you're constantly redeeming your programs emotionally and chemically through your body.

I occasionally listen to what others recommend and yesterday I listened to an exchange between Marianne Williamson and Russell Brand. Russell talked about how he was an advocate of the 12-step program and how he'd struggled to reconcile his Spiritual life with the giving up of pleasure and he was referring to sex in particular.

Pleasure is what we get from a program and we can redeem a program orgasmically. The program is never love. The issue is never the beauty of love-making; the issue is the program that's running. Sex can come from pure love but that's only possible in the absence of all programs.

Joy comes from Love. Pleasure comes from Programs.

So what's the incentive to change yourself and drop all of your programs? Joy and good Health. You can write it all down; you can talk about it until the cows come home; you can even travel the World and pay to listen to others: but the proof is not in the recipe; it's in the pudding: it's in YOU.

We're not here for other people; we're here for our own Souls - to evolve through wisdom. Our chronic illnesses are veiled opportunities to live our truth because only through our own minds can we resurrect our bodies.

Always remember - it's NEVER about another person. YOU are the god(dess). The proof is in YOU and that's the only place you can find it.

If you enjoy my writings you'll love my books..

Copyright Gary Bate 14 November 2018.

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