The Secret to your happiness by Gary Bate

You determine if you die or ascend from this life. Nobody else has that power to do that and God does not interfere in how you run your life. You determine your destiny always.

If you're still fixated on stuff around you and outside of you, then you're still on the lower step and destined for the herd destiny.

But if you take the crucial step and switch to the 'internal' life, then you'll find that it's just a matter of polishing. If you do that, you'll go under the radar and nobody will be any the wiser.

This World and World's like this, will always exist because there are many who think this 'lower step drama' is real and all there is. They continue to play their illusions...

So you see, it's not about trying to change the World around you and dying in the process; it's about changing you, so you can rise above it.

You had to do what you did to know what you know, so please no apologies and no regrets. You may have even run a secret (double) life to get to experience what you did. After all, can you experience all that you want whilst you're complying with someone else's mind? I think not.

A secret (double) life will eventually kill you, but that's only if you never give it up...

O we think we're so clever but everything is known. You cannot escape your God. So what's it really all about, if God doesn't judge you? It's about whether you judge yourself and whether you judge other people. You're a fool if you do.

There's nobody who writes anything quite like me. My books should be best sellers. The fact that they're not, says a lot about the consciousness of this World.

Please have a re-read of my short Christmas piece here: Merry Christmas 2019

The list it contains is all 'internal'. It's better than any tablet of commandments!

~ Gary Bate

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