Self Development & Counseling

My service is used successfully by people from all walks of life and all 'life aspects' are included. Answers are given specifically to broaden and advance consciousness. Whether you just need a 'hand out of the ditch' or you need more clarity or you have pressing issues, I will answer your questions with as much relevant detail as I can and give you the opportunity to respond for clarification.

Some people find that the word counselling has a certain stigma to it and they are therefore put off from getting the help they need. Other people simply can't admit that they need help, but let me tell you – I've never met anyone who doesn't! No matter who comes to see me or why they come, there's always a meaningful conversation to be had as my approach is holistic in nature. I only have one objective and that is to help you.

Counseling Fees

The following are my usual counseling fees. Just like on ebay you can make me an offer if money is tight for you - simply email your offer to gary at whatstress.com
Unlimited questions for 1 hour via Whatsapp or FB video £45

Same day response to your emails or messages for 1 month £300

No time limit to help given and responses within 72 hours £600

I look forward to interacting with you - Gary.


Your confidentiality is assured because only I will access our correspondence. Nobody other than you and I will ever be privy to this and there is no benefit to either of us, for me to discuss your situation with anyone else.


Please be aware that I work at a deep level and thus I will often tell you what you need to hear but what you don't particularly want to hear! This may make you feel uncomfortable, irritated, frustrated or even angry at times. It is a necessary part of the process of personal growth, thus I make no apology for anything I say because I am on the side of what is permanent in you, which is your Soul.

Contact Gary

Email: gary @ whatstress . com