I imagine it to be common knowledge that a masterful, enlightened being, would attribute their personal growth to 'knowing thyself' or 'conquering thyself'. Hence the title of my work – We are here to know ourselves.

This is a personal journey of self-discovery, to share wisdom, the pearls one needs in order to 'let go'. Indeed, there is no letting go without the appropriate wisdom, which emphasises the importance of this to you.

Letting go of what, you may be asking? Of all that is illusionary of course!

The World teaches us to try and be successful by adding more 'pieces of image'; yet the master knows that bliss is reached by burning those images from self.

We are here to know ourselves is the book that will put you on the true Spiritual path and its sequel, The Question is, will radically accelerate you. Soul Completion is the icing on the cake ~ Gary Bate.

We are here to know ourselves -
a journey to discover YOU.

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The Question Is


Exploring the link between Consciousness
and Health.

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Soul Completion

Soul Completion

Evolving your Soul in today's World

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