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Here's an example - there's various topics - it's not all one theme:

Imagine a World where there are a handful of people who are solely motivated by love and everyone else has some form of mental aberration, which means they are motivated by something other than love. Imagine such a World - you should find that very easy.

Now you know why 'all but the handful' die in this World and why 1 in 2 of them die of cancer. Maybe you can now also see the insignificance of other people's opinions?

People confuse love with their own emotions. Love is telling people the truth...

Let me give you an example by giving you some of my truth. But before I do so, I'd like to just say that all truth is subjective, because even those who think there is an absolute truth; they are just expressing their own truth...

If you strip it all back, there is only thought and your expression in life comes from what you conclude in your thinking processes.

Now this is really simple, but the trouble is, it's too simple for how complex we've all become...

If we only ever thought in unlimited terms then we'd all be unlimited, but we don't, we think in limited terms. Therein is the problem. The truth is too simple for us to accept it.

Consciousness is everything and consciousness creates reality. Your consciousness creates your reality. So it's common sense to work with it ~ Gary Bate

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