Own it All by Gary Bate

I've often wondered why I write and I've questioned my motives many times. I know why I started to write and 25 years on, I now know why I'm still writing...

Is it some kind of ego trip? Or some kind of need in me? Maybe continued attempts to try and get more book sales? Some kind of emotional attachment maybe? No.

I write because, to me, it's the decent thing to do. If my words can help just one person on this planet then my efforts are not in vain. I've already achieved that and there’s always more...

I found out the other day that my x-wife had died 2 and a half years ago! I was momentarily surprised that none of my family had told me, but then I understood very quickly.

She was a good woman and a good mother and like all the women I've lived with, she helped me with my life. Indeed, there have been a handful of people who I've shared memories with, who have helped me with my life and who I will always seek to help in their lives. It's the decent thing to do...

If you are emotionally attached to someone, you are going to die. If that someone is emotionally attached to you or to anyone else, they are going to die too.

The irony is - you can only track others if you are not emotionally attached to anyone. That's the benefit of 'owning it all'. The need to see a deceased person again, is the reason you will never see them again; unless they are literally hanging around waiting for you to pass.

Imagine having the ability to track anyone through their successive lives, whilst they continue to try to 'own it all' and you know the reasons why they keep being reborn – stubbornness, closed-mindedness, false beliefs, unloving attitudes, not living true to themselves, fear of this and that etc.

The ability to step in and out of other 'energy dimensions' is in our DNA, but it only gets triggered when we let go emotionally of all people, places, things and animals. How close are you?

Death has been a part of our lives for eons – we've been born many times and we've died many times. I know you cannot be wise if you don't understand death, so I'll talk about it here:

Please follow my logic:

We came here (our Spirit attached to a body and planted its soul in a cavity next to our heart) because we had 'unfinished business' (unresolved emotions from our previous lives), which are like unfinished chapters in our book of life (our Soul).

Our only reason for being here is to conclude (finish) the incomplete chapters...

So why would someone (a Spirit) call forth its Soul (your book of life) and tell it to leave the body it has occupied? Because that someone has ceased writing in their book. In other words, they are not gaining any more wisdom and thus they are not resolving their unresolved emotions.

The Spirit leaves with its Soul when it no longer sees any potential in that person.

I'm not talking here about the potentials of a person to do or be 'this & that'; I'm talking about their ability to overcome one or more Soul encumbrances. It may just be one thing...

When you find yourself 'out of body', you can return to your body now that you know you can. It's all about whether you think you can resurrect it. You have to have a very powerful mind to do that.

They stabbed him and they mocked him and they hung him out to dry. He died and he resurrected his body. When that occurred he became the Christ – a very, very powerful man indeed.

It's easier to let go of people when you accept that we all choose for ourselves and our destinies are in accordance with what choices we make.

We can all influence each other and we all do that at times, but ultimately we all make our own decisions and our futures play out as a result of that.

The saying, “I am a testament to the choices I make” is true for us all, all of the time.

We live and die by the choices we make ~ Gary Bate.

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