The Best Oasis by Gary Bate

Everyone in your life is some kind of mirror to you, otherwise they wouldn't be there. What happens when you can no longer find a mirror?

You can interact with people without being 'attached' to them in any way. What attaches you is your own emotions. What releases you is your own wisdom.

We should never shirk responsibility, but when our children are adults, we only have a responsibility for ourselves. All assumed responsibility is subtle forms of tyranny.

The best we can do for other people is to provide an oasis for them to drink from – it's always their choice to drink and their choice at which time they do that.

Letting go is easier when you're armed with this knowledge...

We all have people who have touched us in some way in our lives and of course it's natural to wish them all the very best.

I wish everyone the very best, but I am not attached to anyone, because I accept that they've got their own minds and they are creating their own lives by their own choices – how beautiful is that?!

As much as someone may have 'touched' you in your life or as meaningful as your interaction has been with them; you cannot stop them from walking into a trap, if that's where their beliefs and their attitudes are taking them. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...

Ultimately, people are their own worst enemies or their own best friends. Only you can make sure that you are your own best friend.

There are no saviours waiting to save you and no benevolent god(s) waiting to welcome you. Quite the opposite.

By the time you get 'there', your loved ones will probably be back 'here'. You'll never see them again because they'll have no memory of you and by the time you get back here, you'll have no memory of them. Just like this life - you don’t have memories of your loved ones from your previous lives...

The truth is the truth, whether you like it or not. Only by being your own best friend, will you be able to track whosoever you like.

I will ascend in this life because there's nothing that can stop me. You see, it's not a physical thing; it's an 'emotional detachment' thing – it's a mind thing.

I write for one reason only – because many people have 'touched' me thus far on my journey and I want to provide that oasis for them. This website is my oasis – my gift to you ~ Gary Bate.

Please share the link to this page if you feel you'd like to help others...

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