The Future Now by Gary Bate

You can't change the past and what you've done, but you can change the future by changing your mind now. There's no point keep re-visiting the past because the future is where it's at and that's occurring in your mind right now.

There's never a valid question about whether there's a saviour or not because nobody can save you anyway. Save you from what? There's only one person who can evolve you and that's you.

If you boil it down you'll realise there's only one problem on this planet and it applies to everyone, whether you're at the top of the pile or the bottom. Everyone is stuck in their evolution. That's why this planet is known elsewhere as the planet of rejects.

I'm not a popular writer because I tell it how it is – I tell the truth.

So why do we have this problem? It's simple. Everyone and I mean literally everyone, looks outside of themselves for answers instead of looking within self. As a simply analogy, this means everyone is looking at life through the eyes of their own personal interest, instead of through the eyes of love.

This 'low' consciousness has its own destiny and this destiny is gradually unfolding before our eyes. Like sheep that are guided into a pen, we are being 'sleep walked' into a future that only benefits the few who are in control of this World. Their personal interest is greater and more powerful than your personal interest – get it?

It's a noble thing to try and wake people up to the truth, but there's a greater truth, which I'm alluding to here. It's not enough to just become aware of the agenda that's unfolding here; one must have an exit strategy! I'm not kidding...

Everyone has got their own mind and how they use it is their business and no concern of yours. Your only concern should be how you use your mind. If you continue to look at the external World from your perspective of self-interest, you will continue to head in the direction of re-incarnation and the World that is being cleverly prepared for you – the World you can envision if you understand the steps of their agenda.

I do not feel sorry for anyone because everything is self-created, although I'll admit that that's very difficult to understand at times. But here's the thing – we all have our own minds – we all have our own gardens to tend – we all have weeds to pull out and we all have the choice whether we do that or not. We are all our own worst enemies or our own best friends. What's unfair about that?

There's only one escape route from you ending up being totally controlled. You think they don't have the power to do that? They're doing it right now in front of your eyes...

A great god might come here and teach for a while, but they would never stay here, why? Because there's nothing here for them. It's all an illusion to evoke emotion.

So my friends, Christmas is near again and no doubt you're going to celebrate it again, but what would be really great this time, is if we all celebrated it for the right reason, which is Christ in Mass. Christ is the way out – the exit strategy...

Nobody is going to come and save you because nobody can do that. Only you can save you and the way you do that is by going within yourself to change yourself to become that which you really are.

We're all stuck on this planet because we don't evolve – we choose repetition over new experiences and we choose everything other than change, because personal change is the hardest choice. Entertainment can be fun for sure, but we are all multi-dimensional beings with exciting new adventures that await us ~ Gary Bate.

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