Ultimate Self-talk by Gary Bate

You first woke up in a sleeping void and discovered to your delight that you weren't the only one. You were/are like a light floating upon a sea of darkness. Conscious. Aware of others and with the ability to contemplate from what you are – Consciousness.

You had no limitation and you still don't. Through evolution, eventually, the consciousness (energy) slowed itself and coagulated into what we know as mass.

Eventually 'physical' bodies were formed and the majority of us (the brave ones) descended into them for the experience (wisdom) of them. Bodies evolved to where we are today.

The only special connection any of us has, is with the original consciousness we call 'God'. The family unit with all its image of importance is contrived nonsense. Sure we help others until they can stand on their own two feet, but that's as far as our Spiritual agreement goes...

We have an identity crises on this planet. The ignorance here encourages us to identify with anything other than what we really are e.g. a male or a female body; never mind culture, religion, skin colour and all that trash. We are none of it!

The body itself is enough to blind us from the truth, indeed, anybody could be anybody.

Self-empowerment and true Spirituality is the gaining in knowledge (gnosis) whilst in a 'physical' body, in order to gradually re-define self akin to the original truth.

I've previously said that the greatest teaching is that energy (consciousness) creates reality – that you and your mind create your life, whether you do that consciously or unconsciously. This is the situation for your future forevermore, because life is a continuum and death is just the loss of one frequency band, which leaves you in another one.

The same applies whatever frequency you are in – you and your mind are creating your life there.

If you don't 'know' then you are vulnerable. If you are not 100% conscious (super-conscious) then you are open to being controlled by others. So is 'not knowing' a good option? It's the pits because you can't navigate well without knowledge and there's always 'others' that will seek to control you.

Is it any wonder then that the word Christos means to know?

The importance of how you consciously create your life should now be obvious to you. If you do a good job at it, you will reach into infinity. When your inner becomes more important to you than your outer, you will have turned the corner in your life...

In this quantum universe you are always choosing. You are always a testament to the choices you make. You are the truth teller unto your reality and what you choose defines you. This is how you've gone from being unlimited to being limited.

Your life to date has been the result of your mind. Your future has the same cause so design well.

We are all potentially limitless beings, because that's the unlimited consciousness we came from. Our limitations are due to our vehicles (our bodies) and to the extent that we have identified with them.

Our minds are caught between us and our bodies. If the body and its emotions are stroked, then we have body/mind and heavy limitation. If the body and its emotions are ignored, in favour of the Spirit and its Soul, then we draw closer to our true identity and we are more unlimited.

The Spiritual journey is becoming what we really are whilst we're in this 'physical' body. Said another way, it is purging all limitations in your mind by re-defining yourself and living true to that.

We want the body but we also want to be the master of it.

Using the correct self-talk will show you your limitations and what you have to overcome to become closer to your real self.

There are 3 major problems that people face, which they don't have to answers to:

1. Ageing and death
2. Financial insecurity & poverty
3. Erosion of freedom

What you see is the PAST made manifest. What you hold in your mind both defines you and creates your future life.

So the answers to the 3 main problems are to hold in your mind the scenarios you want; but they must be in the now tense (I or I AM prefix)

Please remember – we all live in this 'quantum field', which is unlimited in its scope until we choose. “I am radiantly healthy” is a great choice and it solves universal problem 1. “I am fabulously wealthy” is another great choice and it solves problem 2. “I am a time-traveller is an excellent choice and it's the only way to solve problem 3.

Radiant health is synonymous with being impeccable and Christ consciousness.

Abundance and sovereignty are synonymous with being wealthy.

Freedom is synonymous with wisdom and Time-travel.

The conditioned 'human' mind struggles to accept aspects of this reality, but the 'master' defies what they are presented with, in favour of their own truth. How ironic is that?!

The master creates every day in advance (first thing in the morning) why? Because there's nothing more important to them than their own truth and living true to that.

You cannot have a reality that's not wired in, so to create what you want you must wire it in as if you've already got it.

Consciousness creates reality, but it must be wired into your brain to be YOUR consciousness. Daily repetition is what wires it in...

Here's what I am wiring in every morning. How long does it take to manifest? Find out for yourself.

I am a magnet for money – it just keeps coming to me.

I am a time-traveller – I come and go as I please.

I am radiantly healthy and full of vital energy.

I am incredibly psychic – I always know and I always see.

I am entirely beautiful – I only have beautiful experiences.

I am getting younger - my telomeres are lengthening.

I am fit and strong.

I am filled with joy - my cup overflows...

I am calm and patient at all times.

I am kind and generous at all times.

I am loving and truthful at all times.

I always retain my 'physical' embodiment to maximise my options.

Giving it all up for love takes more strength than arguing and fighting.

The one teaching that was always forbade is - YOU are the TRUTH. You are the designer, the creator and the architect of your life. For a better life you simply have to choose better from now on and I hope this work of mine has helped you to know more ~ Gary Bate.

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