The Art of Living by Gary Bate

There's an art to this living that very few ever realise and even fewer achieve. The art is to be what you are whilst you're in your physical form. Indeed, it's the reason you came here and failure to achieve this is why you keep losing your memory and you keep coming back as a baby.

When a person first 'passes' they still have memory, but if they are seduced by the light, they have this stripped away from them (they are processed by the 'Lords of the Light' who are energy vampires) and they join the very long queue to return here...

That's why you had no memory when you were a baby. The good news is that this process enables you to start a new life with a seemingly clean slate. Of course it's not really clean because your soul has 'unfinished business' and that's why you had a Spiritual propensity to return.

Even if you turn your back on the light, you still have 'unfinished business', which can only be worked through in this Last Kingdom. However, turning away from the Light enables you to keep your memory. Imagine returning here with full cognative memory! Could you cope with that and stay quiet about that?

There's always unfinished business where there's emotions.

You are here to learn the truth and live true to it. So what is the truth?

The truth is – you are a Spiritual being with an unlimited nature.

As such, you can of course limit yourself and that's exactly what you did.

We principally did this by adopting false identities and personalities, which enabled us to project an image of ourselves into this image-conscious World. It's like you're in a play but you think it's real.

I am writing this for everyone because everyone needs to know this truth - so please help to spread it.

Mastery of this Last Kingdom is why we are here and our continual failure to do this is why our bodies die and why we return as babies.

So we are here to strip away the lies – to strip away all of the adopted false identities and personalities.

It's a 'human drama', which you are playing a part in. You are really 'none of it' and in a greater sense 'all of it'; because you are unlimited and you can & do limit yourself howsoever you want.

You've done it – you've been the Spiritual being experiencing the human drama. So what's next?

You're not Human. You're not a Man or a Woman. You're not this and that. You're not your body. You're not LGBT! You're not any of it. They are roles you've been playing in this human drama. Yet you still think and act as if it's real.

We are Spiritual beings having human experiences; not human beings trying to be Spiritual. We are here to demonstrate Spiritual traits not human ones...

Can you strip away all of the lies and live the truth? Only you is stopping you.

What I'm saying here will wobble you. There's no god who's going to judge whether you're actions have been 'right or wrong' or 'good or evil'. That's all just part of the play and the big lies here.

Imagine the problem if people thought they were their car when they got into it! That's what happened when you got into your body – everyone around you taught you to identify with it.

The people in my life are special to me and I always want to treat them respectfully and with kindness. If I die or if they die, I will never see them again – so this is important to me.

Please treat people kindly in this lifetime because if you go into another lifetime, you will not recognise them if you are in their presence. You will be unrecognisable to each other.

Most people in this World are lunatics - they are completely lost in this illusion.

You've got a body and you've enjoyed its senses. You can keep milking it until it wears out or you can realise that you've already done it and you don't need to keep repeating it.

Your body has been purposeful – it has allowed you to interact with this environment and the other people in it. The trouble is – you've been lying to your body all of its life. The biggest lie being that you are it. You are its master but you clearly have been doing a poor job.

I hope you've enjoyed this piece of mine. I don't know anyone who writes anything like me :)

Best wishes, ~ Gary Bate.

Copyright Gary Bate May 2021.

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