Beautiful Mind by Gary Bate

So you've read my books and you now know more than I do, yet you're still not manifesting your desires into your life – why is that?

If they are 'earthly' desires then you're on the wrong page – you should have gathered by now that I have no interest in earthly desires and my written works are not about being a success in this World.

There are plenty of authors and orators around who will give you their take on how to manifest some kind of success into your life or help you to line up with your earthly desires. I will not recommend any of them.

I have no problem being a failure as a Human being (a body) because what I'm in pursuit of is my successful transition into becoming my real, deep, Spiritual self.

Your real, deep, Spiritual self is very different to what you are experiencing whilst you are thinking of yourself as being a Human being. These 2 very different identities are literally Worlds apart.

I am emphasising this because there are many people who like the image of being 'Spiritual' as they go about living their lives behaving like Human beings.

Sure you can do your convoluted Spiritual video then have sex with the monkey, but you're just deluding yourself and misleading your audience. I am using sex here as one of the many examples of bringing excitement then relief to bodies. All emotions do the same thing on a cellular level.

If you accept your own death, you're definitely going to die and thus what I write about doesn't concern you in any way. I write only for those who want to defy death. Being truly Spiritual is exactly that – it's working on yourself daily to defy bodily death.

So you're on the bike in the gym and you're repeating “I am radiantly healthy & fabulously wealthy” and you're wondering why it hasn't happened yet?! It hasn't happened because you haven't lined up with it. A divided house cannot manifest anything!

Radiant health is beyond cellular redemption, which means you have to be beyond body consciousness. Emotions are like the milk from the cow – they are linked to body consciousness. Sexual attraction and sex are also linked to body consciousness. So are control dramas.

If you get emotional and or you work your body sexually, you cannot be a Spiritual being because you are behaving like a person who thinks they are a Human being (a body and not a Spirit).

Now of course this piece isn't going to be popular! But if you accept what I am saying here and you are prepared to do the 'change work', then you are giving yourself a chance to ascend & time-travel...

How difficult is it? It's Mega-difficult. You have a body-mind that just wants to keep taking you around and around in circles and you are living in an image-driven World that does its best to keep pressing its images to you everyday. You've got to consciously intercede with all of this and develop a beautiful mind.

I can only give you what I've concluded in my mind thus far and that's what I always do – share what I have come to know for the benefit of anyone who has the same interest as me. If you're still reading – well done you!

As I've previously said and published, Joy is the greatest feeling and one has to be radiantly healthy to be in a constant state of joy. To me, that's my only desire because all else that's desirable to me flows from that.

What takes your body to its death is you keep milking it through your body consciousness and its emotions. Your salvation is putting a stop to this and bringing your body into a state of calm (whereupon cellular rejuvenation occurs). It takes lots of understanding, knowledge and wisdom to do that. That's why I have written it down for you in my 5 books...

Concluding your thought processes with lofty self-statements is the essential first step that kick-starts the engines of change within you. You have to keep repeating those instructions for your body to start to change on a cellular level.

You must be patient because it takes time to change and it takes time for all of your expended energy to return to you. This is why manifestation isn't instant and why many people give up.

An indication that your energy is coming home and you are on the correct track, is crazy dreams most nights. Stick with it - it could take years!

“I am calm, patient and radiantly healthy”. How are you?

Once you've established your truth and you've expressed it, then there's no more for you to say; it's just a matter of you living true to it. I have just described the highest expression you can achieve in this World.

Copyright Gary Bate May 2021.

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