Chips off the old block by Gary Bate

What I write isn't comfortable reading because I expose the conditioned mindset of Human behaviour – the 'unaware' minds of people who think they are Human beings (bodies).

A Human being (a body) has a certain destiny. It (he or she) is born, then they live to try and prosper (to be a somebody) and they propagate the same; then they die. Because certain death is the only option, family becomes really important to most of them. They have some comfort in that they imagine they 'live on' through their offspring and there's some truth in that because their offspring (or other family members) provide the route back for them. They are 'chips off the old block'.

99.99% of people are happy with this. I write for the 0.01% who are open to another option.

I invert everything because I know we are not really bodies (Human beings). We are gods (clones of God) and we have descended into bodies for the experience of them, which we have mistakenly identified ourselves with.

If I have struck a chord with you, then I suggest you firstly read this website. If that's not enough for you, then you'll find all of your missing answers in one or more of my books – I promise you ~ Gary Bate.

Copyright Gary Bate May 2021.

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