Respect everyone's free will to live by their own choices by Gary Bate

Tyranny is trying to win the argument. Tyranny is trying to convince, persuade and influence. Tyranny wants to get its own way. It wants others to comply. It wants others to acquiesce. It wants others to be slaves. It is currently succeeding on this planet.

Love is the opposite of tyranny; it never interferes.

Our lives reflect the choices we make right down to whether we die or not. So please respect everyone's free will to choose and to create whatever futures they want. Please don't be so stupid as to fall into the sheep syndrome by ganging up on others who make different choices to you. Please don't be a sheep, but rather be conscious enough to respect everyone's God-given right to choose their own destinies.

Making comments like saying anti-vaxxers are akin to drunken drivers is a moronic state of mind. It's not difficult to be greater than that. Just because some people are public mouthpieces, doesn't make them immune to stupidity.

If the vaccines work then vaccinated people have nothing to fear by being in the presence of unvaccinated people. The risks cut both ways as the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) stated earlier this year (April 2021), “Vaccinated people could potentially still get COVID-19 and spread it to others.”

Over the years I've exposed myself to some heavy doses of David Icke's work and although it's sometimes difficult to digest, I've never found him lacking or managed to prove him wrong. Controversial yes but that never made anyone wrong. Indeed, his predictions have proven correct time and time again and more so than any other visionary I've come across.

Do yourself a big favour and listen to David's global view

If you're going to take full responsibility for your life, that also means taking full responsibility for your health and that doesn't mean allowing governments to inject you with synthetic genetic gunk.

Whether you believe the virus exists or not, taking full responsibility for your life means not playing the victim and building a robust immune system through your own mind.

Government scientists and doctors are not responsible for your health – you are!

There are a lot of businesses and industry that will never see the light of day again. That has been a deliberate step in the movement towards a centralised fascist state. The tyrants want you to be dependent on them so they can dictate exactly how you live your life. They are succeeding because you remain silent.

This whole drama (covid & climate) is nonsense and it's playing out only because it's part of a bigger agenda. The Davos elite can dress it up however they want but their merging of the digital with the biological will leave the mass non-elite totally controlled with tech and microchips.

If you want that future for yourself and your family then you're doing the right thing by remaining silent. If, however, you don't want a 'tech future' but want a natural, organic one, and you want equality for all; then now is the time for you to be heard ~ Gary Bate.

Ingraham warns of coming 'climate lockdowns'

If you actually read this website, you'll see that it's an alternative proposition to what the Davos elite are forcing upon the World.

Our World is currently at war, but it's not a physical World war; it's a battle for consciousness: a battle in the minds of every man, woman and child upon this planet.

Do we want to continue with a top-down, lower consciousness (Davos tyrants and mass victims) or do we want to 'raise our game' and leave the 'Soulless' without any victims to victimise? Love is standing up for ourselves and being heard!

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