Are you ready to change neighbourhoods?

A disease (dis-ease) is a neighbourhood in your mind that you live in. In order to heal from the disease you have to leave the neighbourhood.

In my case, I was a chronic gout sufferer. I was running certain attitudes that I was unaware of, even though others had correctly pointed them out to me. The coin finally dropped. I saw myself in that neighbourhood and didn't like what I saw. I chose to leave and heal. I've never looked back. I can now enjoy rich food and wine and of course I'm pain free.

Gout is no different to fibromyalgia, ms, diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer or any other disease – they're neighbourhoods of the mind that support certain attitudes and behaviors.

If you sit in judgment on just one person, you cannot love anyone unconditionally. You can say that you don't understand why 'they' did this or that, but more often than not you do understand; it's just that you wouldn't do such a thing and thus you judge them. There's a certain power that's felt from sitting upon that pedestal, but it's also a power that causes dis-ease in your body.

The problem with chronic (long-term) illness is it becomes part of the sufferer's identity. They play the part well and they don't want the play to end because it serves them in some way. So they build a back-story to support their existance in a particular neighbourhood. They become closed-minded to better neighbourhoods. Who would they be if they chose to heal? They don't want to find out. So it is that 99% of chronic sufferers never get healed.

All of my writings amount to helping people to move to new and better neighbourhoods. Of course it's up to every individual to want to do that. People buy if and when they become ready 'to know' ~ Gary Bate.