Genius and Enlightenment are Simple by Gary Bate

Genius is the simple captivation of complexity. Enlightenment is simple. Human consciousness is complex (that's why there are psychologists who try to help people through where they get stuck).

Can enlightenment be expressed in words? Yes, I'm doing it here. There's really no mystery here.

Engage me for a moment. Use pure reason and be logical; it's easy:

'They' want you to believe that you first existed when you were conceived in your Mother's womb. They want you to believe that you are your body (a human being) and they want you to believe that there's an after-life when your body dies. But how can that be? Be logical. How can you still exist if you are your body and your body dies? 'They' can get you to believe almost anything they want...

You think there's no 'they'? O my you've got a lot of growing up to do. The 'they' controls this planet and the 'they' is controlled from the Light.

The reason there's an after-life is because you're not your body (a human being). You existed before you came into your body and thus you will continue to exist if your body dies.

As you are not your body, why are you behaving like you are it? I'm asking you the same question I regularly ask myself!

Christ consciousness is seeing beyond the illusion and the illusion is bodies, whereas Human consciousness is the illogical Body-conscious mind with all of its emotions ~ Gary Bate.

Copyright Gary Bate May 2021.

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