Human Fallacy by Gary Bate

My grandparents always used to tell me that I was good looking like my uncle Ray (their Son). It was a family joke. They had a great sense of humour and they were obviously very biased like all grandparents are :)

But seriously, was uncle Ray good looking? No because how he looked was not uncle Ray...

I am 'Spiritual' because I accept that I am a Spiritual being and I have no other identity.

If you promote how you look, you cannot be 'Spiritual' because you are showing people what you believe you are.

You can give yourself any identity you want, but you only really have one true identity. Most people associate their behaviour with what they are and thus they call themselves Human beings.

But rather it's how they look. They look at their body and see that they look similar to other people and they conclude they are Human beings. It's 'body' identity.

Human being = Human-looking body

The Spiritual being has no body; it is the occupant of bodies. Male body this lifetime and maybe female body in the next lifetime or vice versa.

Grandparents love to see their grandchildren, but they don't see them; they see their bodies...

Seeing clearly is seeing the truth about what you are and what other people are – Spiritual beings.

If the arrow pointing to a successful Human life goes in one direction, then the arrow pointing to a successful Spiritual life goes in the opposite direction. They are diagrammatically opposed.

It would, however, be correct to say, “I am a Spiritual being who chooses to behave in a set of ways that are considered to be Human. I am not how I behave, unfortunately”.

Your body is an unusual character to say the least. It will cause you to fear because it fears its own death; yet it lives to bring itself down. The milk from your body is its emotions. Everyday you milk your body until it is no more. Body-mind consciousness is insanity.

The authorities on this planet love the Human-being identity and they deliberately push it daily because it solidifies body-identity. Bodies are easy to control...

It's time for people to wake up and I am the alarm clock!

You should be spreading my material and helping to change the collective global consciousness... but I know you think you've got better things to do...

Your Spirit is like a drop of sea water from the whole sea, which is the Great Spirit.

“I am not of this World” is a true statement. It means that you are not your body or any of the images of this World that you have adopted.

“The Father and I are one” is also a true statement. It means you recognise that you are your Spirit.

So God is within you and you are a god. Like it or not – all is God. O the many disguises...

The highest expression that you can attain is to be what you are whilst occupying a physical body. In other words, you being your true self whilst in this Last Kingdom. That is the evolutionary task and challenge that beseeches all of us, albeit that only a handful currently know it ~ Gary Bate.

Copyright Gary Bate May 2021.

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