What's the point to life if there's no excitement?

Lockdown isn't working; it's not stopping transmission and there's no evidence it's even slowing it down!

Mental illness is spreading at the same rate as the virus. Lift the lockdown and allow the people go about their business!

The government will happily waste money by giving it to businesses they know don't have a future in the New World Order, because the more the tax payer is burdened the more people are focussed upon the non-excitable survival.

Expect the lowering of interest rates and negative interest – they want people to borrow more... Then after a time they'll shoot the rates up sky high to where people can't repay their loans. It will be the biggest 'elite asset grab' of all time.

The Queen already owns half the World but hey it's not enough for these tyrants...

Unemployment will also sky rocket (it's all in their plan) and those who cannot make ends meet will only get the minimum handout (Universal credit) if they do as they're told to do.

People need to wake up and smell the coffee – most of these affected businesses (industries) are finished! It's in the elite’s plans...

Robots will fill most of the jobs in the future, in the industries they want in their new World.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist; what I'm saying here is in their plans, which are in plain sight for anyone to see...

When we were kids, my brother and I used to 'stay up' as late as we could and we couldn't wait to wake up and get up in the mornings! We were excited by life.

Now look at what we have allowed them to do to our youngsters. Don't worry about the old folk – they've had their lives. The good times have been and gone. It's the youngsters I feel for. What futures have they got in this dystopian World that's being created right in front of everyone's eyes?

I know, you think this virus wasn't planned and the response to it wasn't planned either; but it's actually going perfectly to plan.

"Vaccinate as many as you can. Get as many 5g satellites up there as you can. Get as many smart meters into their homes as you can. Keep spraying them from the air and keep adding fluoride to their water. Give um enough bullshit and they'll let you do anything! They still think you're trying to help them" :(

So back to the opening question:

What's the point to life if there's no excitement? There's no point...

Lockdown has stopped the flow and ebbed life. More people will die as a result of lockdown than as a result of this virus. Everyone should be anti-lockdown and everyone should be living life fearlessly, in my humble opinion of course.

There's an argument that says – if you're living life in fear you're already dead.

This idea that we all should 'save lives' at any cost is probably the biggest example of emotional mind-control there is. What kind of quality of life are we saving? You all know what I'm talking about. There is an 'emotional sickness' in this World. Needless to say, I do not agree with the preservation of bodies, at any cost, where there's no quality of life.

I guess I've said all I can say now and certainly I've expressed my truth. You, of course, can believe what you want. Time always tells and many are going to have a rude awakening and they simply will not cope well with what’s coming...

I wish I could convey a hopeful message, but even those who think they are 'awake' are delusional; because they still think there's some powerful dude, like Trump, who's going to save them. They struggle with the idea that red and blue are just the 2 wings of the same magpie.

To my mind, excitement is the engine of the Spirit. Without it we are Spiritually dead people. The lockdown cripples us and they know it. I'm not necessarily talking about Boris & Donald; I'm talking about those who pull their strings, like Gates & Soros. Yet even these psychopaths are lackeys to the real power in control here.

You can't 'stay excited' unless you 'are excited' and you're never going to be excited whilst you're confined to your home. People want a balance between work & play and I don't mean play in terms of watching a screen. No meals out, no cinema, no theatre, no concerts, no pubs, no clubs, no gyms, no family visits, no friend visits, no holidays, no work (in some cases) and no hugs! Come on, enough is enough!!

Now I'm just a commoner, so what would I know eh? Well, at least I'm not one of those political morons, who have sold their souls to the tyrannical elite.

So what can we all do? Apart from forwarding this email (web page), we can give ourselves a shot of Spiritual sustenance:

Remember, Love was born from Truth and thus there is no love without truth. So stand up for yourself and live & speak your truth without fear of the consequences ~ Gary Bate

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