Why do you think they keep hammering on about Saving Lives? Do you think that's the real motive for Lockdowns?

They keep repeating the same mantra because they know it presses your emotional buttons and lockdowns are desired by the puppet masters.

Be logical and follow me through on this...

If you were just a body and life were temporal, it wouldn't matter if you lived for 1 year or for a 100 years; because at the end of it you wouldn't exist.

The irony is, we all act like we are just bodies yet we hope for a brighter after-life! Come on, surely you can see the obvious error in this way of thinking...

The truth is, we are more than our bodies and we do exist (in higher frequencies) after the body dies; so there is no such think as Saving Lives!

What you are experiencing right now is how you are choosing to live right now. Your life is a never-ending perpetual now. The only question should be – am I really 'living' right now?

The answer to that question (for the masses) is NO because 'the Lords' have got us all in lockdown and they intend to keep us 'restricted' in various ways from now on. Why? Because it's their dream and agenda to be in total control of this planet.

So what really is this prison we're in and does it go beyond the grave? It does go beyond the grave – it is exactly the same prison occurring in the Light realm. The prison is:


You are being played – all of you.

The lies are working for the elite and fear reigns supreme here. They know exactly how to press your emotional buttons because you haven't got your head straight about your very own nature!

You only escape their emotional prison when you get out of your own illusions...

It's the nature of the body to die anyway, if the mind isn't powerful enough to keep it alive. So which is best? Live in fear and succumb to their lockdowns or live for the truth and spread this truth to everyone you know?

This is a prison planet and it's being controlled from above. The elite on this planet work in tandem with the 'Lords in the Light'. You don't believe me? OK you continue to believe what you want and see where it gets you...

You always exist. You are an eternal being. What you get to experience in every perpetual now moment is down to you. There is no glorious after-life (unless you create it) and nobody is coming to save you or is waiting 'up there' to save you.

Your dead relatives are still in the same prison; they eventually get recycled back to here. OMG what are they going to come back to if 'the people here' don't WTF up soon?!

This is uncomfortable reading for some. I'm happy about that. People the globe over need to WTF up and I've done all I can do here.

If you honestly still believe that lockdowns and vaccines are designed to save your life, then you can't be helped – you're alive only in your delusional mind.

But if I've managed to crack your veneer, you'll want to share this with your friends and maybe you'll even reason that there's much more useful knowledge in my books. It's been my utter pleasure writing for you – all the very best to you and your family ~ Gary Bate.

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