Everyone lives in their own 'bubble of reality', which is how they've adapted to cope with the World.

Propaganda works because it's easier to make a quick decision about the given information than it is to investigate the truth.

We're taught to 'believe in' whatsoever authority figures espouse and thus it's never occurred to us that a handful of the richest people could be leading us all down the garden path.

Could it be that the elite are in the process of culling the global population and creating a new World that only benefits them? Of course, that's exactly what's happening. They know the moves to checkmate and they're happy to play a 9 year game to get there.

The people continue to live in and argue for their little bubbles, oblivious to the pre-planned moves of their overlords; yet these overlords have detailed their plans and made them available in the public domain. The people live in denial in order to keep their illusionary bubbles in tact.

People live and die by their own minds. If only those minds knew the truth...

So can a person be born into this World, be lied to all of their life, survive and even prosper, raise a family, retire on a pittance and then die none the wiser? It's the way of this World...

Only the truth will set you free.

I'm going to make a truthful statement and I'm going to email this page to around 25 of my contacts; thus with the power of multiplication I am giving most people in the World the opportunity to know this truth. Here's the statement:

The World's elite are in the process of depopulating the World through many means, which includes vaccination, rolling out 5g, chemtrails etc. Those of us who survive their onslaught, will be completely controlled in their digital prison by the year 2030.

Out of the 25 recipients, I know of only a handful who will forward this...

All the children are looking to their parents and great parents to provide them with the best possible chance at a life of abundant opportunities and freedom. All their elders have to do is WTF up!

Please share the link to this page...