Quantum thinking by Gary Bate

Think about the volume and weight of thinking that fires in your brain everyday. This is how your life is shaped. Your body listens to your every thought and it thinks it's all about it! Therefore a preponderance of healthy thoughts creates a healthy body and vice versa.

What if we concluded all our chains (trains) of thought with one or more of the following statements. Would our health and our lives improve? Quantum physics says yes!

I am radiantly healthy
I am calm
I am patient
I am loving
I am filled with vital energy
I am filled with joy
I am excited
I am relaxed
I am a god

Can you think of a better way of concluding your thought processes and providing answers to common questions like, how are you?

Is there anything so important going on in your life that you cannot conclude your thinking about it with one or more of the above statements?

If you try this and it proves too difficult for you, it will show you what a quagmire you've put yourself in. It takes quite a time to unpick the mess and stop the lies you keep telling yourself.

If you treat yourself like a body, you will treat other people like one and that's a disservice to you and to them. We must all stop the lies to stop the rot going on in our lives.

I've called this wee piece Q for Quantum thinking and because I'd got no more room in my website header for a longer title! My web coding skills need a lot of education!

I'd be a doomed victim if I didn't believe in quantum mechanics. What's your belief or your truth that you live by? Or are you another doomed victim in this World?

This page is kind of a summation of my truth, which is that our lives are shaped by our common thinking. That being so, I am of course taking my own medicine and doing exactly what I've said here. Best wishes to you ~ Gary Bate.

Copyright Gary Bate May 2021.

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