Quantum thinking by Gary Bate

Think about the volume and weight of thinking that fires in your brain everyday. This is how your life is shaped. Your body listens to your every thought and it thinks it's all about it! Therefore a preponderance of healthy thoughts creates a healthy body and vice versa.

What if we concluded all our chains (trains) of thought with one or more of the following statements. Would our health and our lives improve? Quantum physics says yes!

I am radiantly healthy
I am calm
I am patient
I am loving
I am filled with vital energy
I am filled with joy
I am excited
I am relaxed
I am a god

Can you think of a better way of concluding your thought processes and providing answers to common questions like, how are you?

Is there anything so important going on in your life that you cannot conclude your thinking about it with one or more of the above statements?

If you try this and it proves too difficult for you, it will show you what a quagmire you've put yourself in. It takes quite a time to unpick the mess and stop the lies you keep telling yourself.

I'd be a doomed victim if I didn't believe in quantum mechanics. What's your belief or your truth that you live by?

As Q can also stand for Quotes, I'll add a few of my Quotes here as and when they come to me...

"If you want to be 'Spiritual' you have to swim into shore whilst everyone else is swimming out to sea. You have to become secure in yourself to do that. You have to be super-conscious and super-diligent. You have to constantly say no to your body and its emotions, before they get their way with you" ~ Gary Bate.

"People unconsciously view images to fuel their fantasies and sometimes through their manipulation of others, their fantasies become their reality. Either way the result is the same - milking your body until it dies. Your fantasy life is the last mastery, so if you understand this, you're getting closer" ~ Gary Bate.

"The conditioned drive for the human identity is to compete to make as much money as you can. The drive for the Spiritual identity is self-mastery and Soul completion" ~ Gary Bate.

"If we never detach (emotionally detach) from this World and the people in it, we die to it; it's as simple as that.

It's alright for these people to argue that we are infinite awareness having a brief human experience and thus it's illusionary to fear death, but what do they think conditions are like for those who die?

As below so above (just more magnified). The nightmare of re-incarnation continues until you emotionally detach from it. Now how can that be? It's simple. This World is an image of what's held in the Light. As above so below. The hierarchy here (cult, mafia, cabal, deep state) are controlled by the 'energy vampires' in the Light (demons). These are the 'Lords of the Light'.

Here's the thing: the aforementioned tyrants can only control people through their emotional bodies (through their weaknesses). If you resolve all of your emotions into wisdom and live by that, you will see this for yourself and rise above it" ~ Gary Bate.

"When you fully understand the symbology of Shiva you'll know how to get there and that will become your drive. Shiva sits on the tiger (your animal nature) and Shiva destroys the past. It's not that you lose your memories (only those who die lose their memories); it's that you don't live in them because you have got the wisdom from all of your experiences" ~ Gary Bate.

"As everything in life is merely experiences, shouldn't we be choosing our experiences wisely? One of the three statements I affirm everyday is - I am entirely beautiful and I only have beautiful experiences" ~ Gary Bate.

“The quest for awakened Souls is not easy because there are 2 forces pulling you in opposite directions. If you as your body 'win the pull' then you die and reemerge as a baby, usually returning to the family you died from. If you as your Spirit 'win the pull' then you get to ascend and time-travel. It's always your choice whether you accept the challenge or not” ~ Gary Bate.

"What other people say and do shouldn't be of any concern to you. From the basis of what you truly are, your only concern should be what you say and do. Let them continue to try and satisfy every orifice; it makes no difference to you. You never want to follow them or compete with them" ~ Gary Bate.

"This planet is the planet of deception and it's occurring in every hovel and palace here. Regardless of a person's perceived importance or what family they were born into, deception is a part of their psyche, otherwise they'd be elsewhere. What's anti-deception is Christ consciousness and that's simply living impeccably" ~ Gary Bate.

"When you wake up to the fact that the only thing that really benefits you is bringing your energy home, then you won't have so much to say and do. Imagine it – your only interest in life is bringing your energy home! You don't mind being a little emotional or moody because you know it can only come back to you through your emotional body (where you leaked it from). Sweet slumber – you're not just resting your body anymore; you're revitalising and rejuvenating as your energy comes home" ~ Gary Bate.

"The World is both a beautiful and an ugly place and it's full of people who are beautiful and ugly. Ironically, some of the most beautiful people live in the most ugly places and vice versa.

There is this idea that the people are eventually going to bring down the ruling mafia (when enough of them wake up), but I think it's a pipe dream as not only do the ruling mafia have the support of the 'forces'; they also have the support of the unawakened masses, which are by far the majority.

So whether you're a lover or a fighter or you say your fight comes from love; you will not bring down the ruling mafia by exposing them. The answer is not to try and save the World from them; it's to let them have this real estate – for they will never find joy in it. The answer is to evolve yourself through self-mastery and leave your track for others to follow if they so wish" ~ Gary Bate.

"There's a flip side to reality and it's called fantasy. It affects everyone and to the extent to which it affects you, is the extent to which you will not be able to be 'present'. Right here, right now is not possible in La La Land. Let's take a common example:

Masturbation is fantasy redemption. Now I know most people don't want to admit to it, but most people do it and for most people it constitutes a secret life. Some people even overlay their fantasies onto their lovers. The point is – fantasy stops you from being 'present' with people.

There's reality (life) and there's fantasy (La La Land).

How much of your life are you actually 'present', right here, right now? How much are you making up as you go along? How much 'falling in love' is real love? How accurate are your descriptions and judgments of others? How much dressing up and down are you doing?

You don't really know other people. You meet someone new who you feel attracted to, but you don't know anything about them. It's pure fantasy and body consciousness.

To be 'present' 100% of the time and thus be fully immersed in life, is Christ consciousness. Fantasy is the last mastery. To master it you must keep identifying and naming it.

There is a relationship between fantasy, the enactment of fantasy, secret lives and ulterior motives.

I am the only person talking about this. Ask yourself why that is? Maybe it's because I'm the only person who knows it? Certainly I don't waste your time and take your money. Be smart and get your head around this" ~ Gary Bate.

“There are many reasons why you age and die. The main one is because that's what you believe in.

The waters of life do indeed run out for you, but only if you never plug the hole.

Ulterior motives feed secret lives and having a secret life will kill you, if nothing else gets you beforehand. Indeed, anything that causes cellular redemption in your body will kill you if nothing else gets you first.

The reason a secret life kills you is because it's deception and that drains your waters of life.

So if you have any aspirations not to kill your body and you want to plug that hole, you must retire all emotions and all forms of sexual activity. Of course this is difficult because these addictions are what feels good (or bad depending upon the emotions involved). Therefore, the question for you is – am I going to kill my body for what are just repetitive feelings?

Everything you feel, if it constitutes an emotion (apart from joy) or it's controlling or defeating others (conquests) or it's a sexual hit (orgasm); will slowly bring you down” ~ Gary Bate.

"People readily integrate truth (new philosophy) that fits in with their life. That's o.k. but it's not transformational and thus it can only be evolutionary to a certain level.

To really evolve yourself, you have to transform yourself and that necessitates changing your self-identity. You are ineffective if you just play lip-service to it; you have to live it to know it.

These teachers who refer to you as a human being and tell you that you are mortal, do the greatest disservice to you.

Transformation is changing from the caterpiller into the butterfly; it's giving up your old life and identity and commencing your new life with your correct identity, which is a Spiritual being who is in the constant flux of becoming his or her desired ideals...

My work will never be popular because people don't want to significantly change themselves in order to know the greater truths, which they can only know through the living of them.

Sure you can be re-born into a new life, but once again you will be heavily influenced in the design. The true evolution is waking up in this life, learning the truth about what you really are and then living true to that in what will be 'a new life' " ~ Gary Bate.

"So we head out blindly in one direction (which is absolutely necessary) then our eyes open and we realise we are now to retire from the human experience in order to know the deeper truth of what we really are. Said simply, we are to retire all that is not love, which is the human.

We go in one direction, become addicted to it; then we go in the opposite direction and try to overcome our addictions. It's much easier said than done! In simple terms, we are to 'retire through wisdom' everything we've ever known, indeed, everything that constitutes human behaviour. We are to come out of this smelling of roses!" ~ Gary Bate.

"Nobody is advantaged or disadvantaged when it comes to evolution; all are equally challenged. The most pious and the biggest scoundrel are at the same level. How can I say this? Because you're here and you haven't time-travelled elsewhere and because God never judges you. So no excuses – everyone can evolve organically; you just have to muster sufficient desire to change yourself and start to live 'a new life' that doesn't resemble your past and the life you were born into" ~ Gary Bate.

"Exercise is generally good for your body. Too little can advance bodily problems and so can too much. If you want to build core strength and increase flexibility, you can't beat yoga. Just like walking, yoga is aerobic. Dance is another great option and that can increase your heartrate.

A regular, healthy, exercise regime can add a year or two to your life. However, a body can never redeem a body, meaning you cannot avoid aging and death with exercise and diet alone. The 'waters of life' will still run out on you. So what can you do?

Shift your consciousness to focusing on your core self, your deeper self, your Spirit and Soul. Address it, get to know it, get an insight into all of your 'unfinished business'. Understand its nature, befriend it, work with it. You can get closer to your 'quiet observer' but it's your stretch..." ~ Gary Bate.

"We can all observe our thinking, our emotions and how we feel; so clearly we are not our minds or our emotions or our feelings. We are the observer of them.

You can observe with your eyes open and with your eyes closed. You can observe the funniness of human behaviour and you can observe yourself – your patterns of thinking, the emotions you feel and what behaviours make you feel good or bad. Indeed, you can 'know yourself' better by becoming more conscious of you as the observer.

It is you as your Spirit doing the observation. Your Spirit is the quiet observer. But the moment you analyse or judge, you are back into old patterns of thinking, which trigger emotions and old feelings...

The 'unconscious' are simply unconscious and they don't know any of this. The 'aware' are aware to a varying degree and some are working with this. The goal is to be the observer without judgment or any interference on your part – to be your Spirit in flesh.

Imagine it – you don't need to take sides, you don't need to defend anything, you don't need to offer your opinion, you don't need to get emotional, you don't need to be right, you don't need to win any arguments, you don't need to control any situations and you don't need to judge yourself or others.

Most people think of evolution in physical terms and that's because of how they've been trained and conditioned to think. But evolution occurs in consciousness; it's a mind thing. Everytime you permanently change your mind, you evolve and the energy you've expended prior to those changes, gradually comes back to you.

Becoming the observer is switching off all the noise you've become such an expert at generating. The way to know your Spirit is to be it" ~ Gary Bate.

Copyright Gary Bate July 16 2021.

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