Becoming your true Spiritual self by Gary Bate

Consciousness, your consciousness, either creates your life or it doesn't.

If you think it doesn't or you just don't care enough to work with it (you don't love yourself enough) then you are one of life's victims and doomed to the state of your mind.

If you think your consciousness does create your life, then you are at least conscious enough to choose to work with it.

The quantum theory is that it is your common thinking that creates your life. Said another way – it is the direction of the weight of your thinking.

How much of your thinking is limitation? What if you replaced this with one or two self-statements of a lofty, unlimited nature? What if those statements became the 'weight' of your thinking – your common thinking? Quantum physics says they would eventually manifest.

People are driven by feelings (emotions). These become addictive due to repetition. We do not get these from other people; they are our internal responses to the weight of our thinking.

There's one feeling that is rare in this World and it is at the height of our expression. That feeling is joy and like all other feelings, it is an internal feeling, which doesn't come to us from other people.

There is a difference between experiencing joy in an activity (or in someone's presence) and living in a way that it's the only feeling you experience. Imagine living in a state of calm and joy...

Now this is my conclusion entirely - to achieve this, one has to be radiantly healthy. To manifest radiant health, one has to make it their common thinking...

If we are driven by feelings and Joy is the supreme feeling, then “I am radiantly healthy” should always be on the tip of our tongues...

Radiant health, Joy, and Time-travel are the natural experiences of being your true Spiritual self. Radiant health is the key, Joy is the feeling and Time-travel is the God-given freedom.

The way to get there is to keep concluding your thinking with one, two or three self-statements. Your 'monkey-mind' is just that - it will keep taking you back to the past because it is built upon your past! So just keep concluding with your truth...

It's all just theory; it's all just philosophy: unless you prove it to yourself. Of course it is the same for me. We live or die by our ability to live our truth. That will remain my theory until my ascension is reached.

So living true to your deeper self is what the so-called great work is all about. This is living from the lofty consciousness that interacts with your body at the 5th (throat) chakra.

Please remember, the consciousness at the 4th (heart) chakra was born out of the 5th during our descent. In other words, unconditional love was born out of truth (living true to your deeper self).

Ascension and Time-travel are the same thing (raising and lowering body frequency).

As you live from the 5th, your expended energy from 'lower living' is gradually returned to you and your kundalini energy rises and eventually sits in your 4th chakra. Then you can Time-travel.

When you find yourself giving to others without any strings attached, you are making progress (my writing is my giving). Most of you are still caught in the 3rd chakra, trying to control everything and everyone in your life.

We are not here to try and change the World; we are here to change ourselves. The World is owned by tyrants who play silly control games. We are here to rise above these tyrants who operate from the 3rd chakra ~ Gary Bate.

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