You cannot say that something or someone is the truth or your truth unless you have had first-hand experience of what you are talking about. The best you can say is that you believe it is so or you believe in him or her. And belief is conjecture; it is pure guesswork. The truth is – for the most part you honestly don't know what the truth is.

There's much argument over truth and that's because the arguers are just pitching their beliefs at one another. Fanatics are just strong believers but that doesn't make them right.

For instance, you can believe these vaccines are good for your health or you can believe they are detrimental to your health. Both camps don't know the truth yet, but time with tell. The experience is having the vaccine or not having the vaccine. You cannot take the assurances of the so-called experts because there are 'experts' on both sides of the argument (not just the ones that are allowed on mainstream TV).

Belief just doesn't cut it. So should us anti-vaxxers take the vaccine just to find out if we are correct or not? No, because it would be too late then! All people should respect other people's freedom to believe what they want and choose what they want – that's honouring every individual's free will.

The reason the majority of people are either in survival mode or victim mode or both, is because the Human race has never been taught how to create personal reality. Ironically, we do it automatically but unconsciously.

We've never been taught how to do it consciously, but the elite know how to do it and they do it really well. The trouble is, the elite do it coming from their motivation of power and control; so they create upon the World stage solely for their advantage and benefit and to the detriment of the masses who are still unconscious. The elite simply don't care about sleepy Human beings...

What I have written here explains why this World is the way it is. There's a lot of ignorant beliefs here and very little truth!

Time and time again the governments have been proven to be untrustworthy, so why should we trust them now? Many died in the World wars for what was just 'elite business'. If only the masses knew the truth about what's really going on ~ Gary Bate.

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