"When it comes to health (the condition of your body) and longevity, attitude is more critical than diet and exercise. People who don't accept this, still haven't made the connection between their mind and their body" ~ Gary Bate.

You can know anything you want to know; you just ask your Spirit (God) within you because it knows everything about you. It's the quiet one within you and it's watching me write this and is confirming to me that it likes what I am writing!

It was no accident that I woke up in this lifetime, as it was in my Soul's plan to do so. If you're reading this, it was also in your Soul's plan.

I loved my grandmother. She was a happy, jovial character. I remember visiting her with my father and remarking to him that I couldn't understand why I felt so strongly for her and even emotional at times. He couldn't answer me at the time but my own Spirit did!

I was my father's father and the husband of my grandmother.

So where is my ex-wife and grandmother now? She's the youngest daughter of my nephew.

What about my other 2 grandparents? They are my 2 offspring...

Now I have no need to tell you all this. I tell you because I believe everyone is entitled to wake up and know the truth about themselves.

So my grandparents have done exactly the same as what you and I did – they came back as babies to this decrepit World, because they didn't 'wake up' whilst they were my grandparents.

The question for you is, are you going to come back here as a baby again? If so, where would you like to be born and who would you like to wipe your arse and put your trust in?

It doesn't matter if what I have written here is true or false, because your life shapes around what you believe in and that can be true or false. Many people live illusionary lives, because what they believe in is actually not true, even though it's true for them. This is the essence of Mind Control – to get you to believe in what is not true and thus steer your life into deepening control mechanisms.

Here are 7 books that I have written to help you on your Spiritual journey. At the bottom of this page is a 24-page pdf, which contains my most recent writings and is my unconditional gift to you ~ Gary Bate.

Quotes about Consciousness
Primarily for people who have read Gary's other books.
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Citações Sobre a Consciência
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We are here to know ourselves -
a journey to discover YOU.

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The Question Is


Exploring the link between Consciousness
and Health.

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Soul Completion

Soul Completion

Evolving your Soul in today's World

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The Impeccable Journey

The Impeccable Journey

Purging all that's untrue about you...

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Pure Mind

Pure Mind

The return to purity through wisdom.
It is the mind of Time Travellers...

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I only have beautiful experiences
How to create a better life for yourself.

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We are all slowly leaking energy (time) until our waters of life run out. We have to stop the leak to contain time and return energy. This is the only really useful thing we can do with this life. My 7 books are all about this.

Those who accept death should not fear it because after the transition, we essentially remain what we are. In other words, we still have Spirit & Soul and another embodiment, albeit a Light body.

I have always said that we can only go to where we know. However, our science has now proven the existence of parallel Worlds, so we can be sure that not only do they exist, but that there are Worlds that are of a higher frequency than this World and thus provide a more loving environment for us to live in.

In over 2000 years, we haven't managed to create a clean environment and live in peace. The wars rage on and the controllers continue to destroy the environment. I say this because it's evidence that the future trajectory of this World will not improve living conditions for the likes of you and me.

My message for all those who plan on dying is – when you find yourself back in your Light body, do investigate 'other Worlds' before you decide to reincarnate here again. Yes, see how they look, but more importantly, see how they live. Do you want to live amongst them? I mean, what's it like in the Pleiades? What's it like in the Andromeda universe/galaxy? Alpha Centauri? To name a few. That's not to forget the Worlds that closely mirror this one...

I write because I care about people. I care about the present and I care about the future. I care about my friends and I care about those close to me, including my dogs. I care about life and its quality. I think it stinks that there are selfish tyrants on this planet who just want to take advantage of others. To me, they are the scum of this Earth.

So I write. I write for those who are interested in their own personal development and for those who have simply accepted their lot. All are important to me. My future matters to me and in my opinion, your future should matter to you.

You can know if you want to know – you just have to ask. There are much better places to hang out than this speck of dust on the edge of the Milky Way. But can we change the trajectory of this World? No – we're not brave enough. These wars are not about the people; they simply fulfil many aspects of the 'not so' hidden agenda the string-pullers have here.

This World is controlled in the Light by the 'Lords' and their agents here and we are nothing more than fodder for them. You cannot escape them by going to them; you can only escape them by rising above them and that's why I have written 7 books for you ~ Gary Bate.

P.s. I have put a collection of my recent short writings into this pdf. It is my unconditional gift to you. I hope I make a constructive difference to your life ~ Gary Bate.

Change Timelines by Gary Bate.

My simple truth by Gary Bate

What I believe to be the highest truth (inspired by Ramtha).

Living your beautiful future now by Gary Bate

And finally, my apology to some of you.

Your body cannot redeem itself, which means that no matter how good you think your diet is and how many yoga (dance) classes you go to; your body will still age (decay) and die; without the mind to keep it alive. Mass cannot redeem mass.

Your body can live forever (ascension) but only consciousness (your mind) can achieve that.

The (daily mantra) list is great because it takes away the pressure of having to do anything in particular - you just focus on your list and let that be the construct of your new reality...

If you feel or hear (the voices) any resistance to your list, then that's where you're stuck in your labyrinth. You want to finish with the loftiest of lists and have no resistance from the senate ~ Gary.

P.s. If you want a copy of 'my designer list' email me at gary at whatstress dot com.

We're conditioned to think life is temporary and so we live as such. But this is not true. Life is forever and so I strongly suggest we should live with that in mind. Hence, we should design our lives exceeedingly well because we are the architects of them and our designs matter for all times.

Live as if your life is forever because it is. You only get caught in the trap of reincarnation when you live emotionally in the past. The past has to be owned with wisdom in order for you to advance...

Please remember, we're concious of less than a third of what's here and there – the rest is in our subconsious minds. The Spiritual journey is thus making conscious our subconscious (making known the unknown) in us – it's becoming more and more conscious...

You may have someone you recognise appear to you in your dreams – they will be familiar to you; yet strangely you won't be able to identify them in your life. This can be confusing and disconcerting without knowledge. It is your formless Spirit who has taken form and is communicating with you whilst you sleep. Your Spirit can take any form.

Why would anyone not want to know this important knowledge? It boggles my mind!

The majority think they're going to reunite with their loved ones when they get to Heaven. This has come from man-made, religious indoctrination and a whole host of poorly informed gurus. There are 2 problems with this conditioned way of thinking: firstly, Heaven is not in the Light that appears after death (it's beyond it) and secondly, loved ones never make it there because they don't have the knowledge to go beyond the Light (they go to it instead and get reincarnated back here as a result).

My books give you the knowledge.

Please remember that when you're faced with nothing on the outside, you're getting closer to that which is in you on the inside. You have been conditioned to reach for the outside; yet your real, deeper journey, is to reach for God (Spirit) on the inside ~ Gary Bate.