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Being born is like being dealt with a hand of cards and each card is a limitation in your mind. This is your family genetics, which you are here to overcome. Most people get stuck on family; it's called emotional addiction and they are addicted personalities. Understanding and accepting this is fundamental to your personal growth - you can't 'step up' without mastering 'family'.

Your past is the experiences you've had and your memories therefrom.

Your future is the experiences you have yet to have. You can kind of 'fall into' it or you can intentionally create it. The latter is self-empowering. Self-mastery is creating your future without any past influence.

There is nothing complicated about our Spiritual evolution. Christos simply means 'to know' and it also means 'no past'. We have made it complicated by unconsciously creating our tomorrows from the memories of yesterday. It's going to take a new awareness and lengthy observations to correct our minds and subsequently pull our energy off our memories...

There are 2 potential futures open to us. The one is the usual path that is built upon the past and this path keeps bringing us back here. The other path is intentionally created without any past influence and this is the path to our ascension. We die because we live in the past and we ascend because we have no past; just memories we can laugh about ~ Gary Bate.

P.s. All of my articles & books are about helping you to unwind from your past...