It's not difficult to find acceptance/agreement/support for your views/attitudes/opinions in life; but that's not enhancing your growth (evolution). It's easy to find commonality amongst mediocrity.

Evolution is polishing yourself with the 'Love cloth' until you are left with the highest experience. Joy is that internal state, which comes about as the truth gets known and is lived true to. When you embark upon the journey, the mirrors will fall away, except one. Is it worth it? How much is the ultimate freedom worth to you?

The return to purity (innocence) is very difficult because we're all so used to being impure. We cannot become enlightened if we continue with normal human behaviour. That's just how it is.

Purity is the unknown and it offers us the greatest adventure, but we need a lot of guts to go there. The return to innocence (purity) is nothing more than the conscious retirement of all the image behaviour you've adopted since childhood. How brave are you? How brave am I?

Sounds simple but it’s like trying to swim into shore whilst everyone else is swimming out to sea!

All who die either don’t know the truth or don’t live it...

Excitement comes when you know you have the correct knowledge and nobody can stop you from achieving your chosen destiny.

This is the fast-track to enlightenment, but, as always, it's your choice to drink or not.

You can't see what's behind the door unless you open it and that door only opens once you've closed the 3 lower doors. When you've read my material, you'll know exactly what I mean and how to do it. There is no great mystery to enlightenment; it's just about being exposed to the correct knowledge. You will get more from my books if you start with We are here to know ourselves...~ Gary Bate.

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Why do you die? Is it because everybody dies and you take your turn? No. Is it because your destiny is death and that's set in stone? No.

No matter how somebody dies, one thing always happens – their Spirit (deeper self) pulls its accomplice (their Soul) out of their body, without which their body has no life.

What gives your body life is God, because God is ALL life.

We are not Human beings (men and women); we are gods. Everyone who refuses to give up what it is to be Human, dies.

Spirit knows the trajectory of every individual personality and his/her potential for Soul completion.

When a Spirit removes its Soul before the birth of the baby, it's because the timing/trajectory wasn't quite right. This can happen several times (with the same Spirit & Soul) before the baby is born.

It is also possible that the death of a child results in a quick turnaround and the Spirit & Soul comes through the mother a second time. A Spirit & Soul can also be 'born' to two sisters, meaning that both are mothers to the same Spirit & Soul at different times, regardless of the sex of the baby.

When somebody dies they go back to their imperfect Light body. Why? Because they didn't reach the perfection of their UV body, We walk around with both of these bodies in our auras.

To reach UV blue-body perfection, one has to move one's kundalini energy (permanently) to the heart chakra or above it. What prevents this and causes one's kundalini to anchor down below? The insistance on behaving like a Human being.

There is nothing wrong with behaving like a man or a woman. It just means you're going to die.

The consciousness at the first and third chakras has to be owned for the kundalini to rise up. The second chakra is not an issue because emotions play off of the first and third chakras.

You are a god; you are here to live as one! You are not a human being; that is an experience for you to own as wisdom.

I cannot expand more here, because I would be repeating what's in my books. You can ignore this if you want, but understand you will die and thus you will continue to be controlled ~ Gary Bate.

P.s. You may not like what I write, but truth is not dependent upon what you like and truth has never been popular. What's popluar in this World is living as if you are a man or a woman...

The mind-control here tells you that you are a Human being (that's a lie). Emotion is revered here. It is true that this World is designed to evoke emotion in you, but the purpose of that is for you to capture its wisdom and eventually live true to your real (deeper) self.

Most people will not get out of the first chakra, because they are body conscious, survival and sex orientated. The third chakra is very tricky, because to move beyond all aspects of control requires one to completely and utterly let go...

Why have I written 7 books? Because ultimately we're all challenged by the same thing (to defy death) and someone has to talk about it!

Defying death can only be achieved through self-mastery and self mastery involves moving yourself (your mind) beyond cellular redemption. The slow degradation of your cells is caused by repetition (what you're addicted to) and this is primarily emotional addiction. Moreover, it's the Human consciousness found in the lower 3 chakras, which I talk extensively about in my books.

So you see, mastery is all about stopping the firing of your body – that's it! You have to stop your cellular redemptive cycles. Why? Because that's how addiction plays out in your body.

You think you're not addicted? Then why do you keep repeating certain emotions? If you've had an emotion more than once, you're addicted! Only wisdom can release you from the conveyor belt...

This World is designed to evoke emotions in us and we are here to find mastery over them, for our souls. If we fail, we die and we're re-cycled back to this World to have yet another go...

My latest book, Quotes about Consciousness, will help you to make the evolutionary shift in your consciousness. It has now been published and is available via Amazon and good bookstores ~ Gary.

Quotes about Consciousness
Primarily for people who have read Gary's other books.

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Your body is your latest accumulation. Your other bodies are various finer light frequencies that comprise your aura. You are the accumulator. Your finest, purest, accumulated form is your Spirit.

Being Spiritual is becoming your Spirit, which is imageless. Spirit is known as the god of your being and all about you is known to your Spirit.

There are 2 paths that you can take upon this World – the one path leads to death and the other leads to ascension. You are now sitting at the fork in the road...

The conditioned Human path is fear-based (emotions are fear-based) and this path results in certain death (the loss of your latest accumulation).

The Spiritual path is you embarking upon becoming your Spirit. You do this by becoming imageless.

Living for your latest accumulation and being emotional at its behest, is the conditioned Human path. Shifting to Route 2 is losing the fear to change yourself.

Changing direction to Route 2 requires gains in self-love and this is why love is always the answer. The highest expression of self-love is self-mastery (becoming a Master).

You are not here to follow anyone (not permanently anyway); you are here to become the master of your own destiny. Consciously retiring all aspects of image consciousness is the great work embarked upon on Route 2.

What you hold onto emotionally (addiction) will show up in your body (sooner or later) and this accounts for imbalances in weight. Let go...

We are all individuals by virtue of us all having individual souls in various stages of completion; yet we are all also the same because we are all made of the same stuff. Mental instability, illusion and fantasy are the result of living contrary to what I've just said.

People are born and people die and there are brief lifetimes in between. This pattern continues indefinitely, unless a person wakes up and consciously intercedes in a lifetime. Most people would rather live illusionary lives than face the truth.

The escape from the wheel of re-incarnation, is self-mastery in one lifetime. You can't say, “I'll do it in my next lifetme” because then you'll have no memory of reading this and you will probably never encounter such knowledge ever again. My books give you the knowledge and thus the option to be greater than you've ever been.

People make an image out of Spirituality, yet Spirituality is imageless. My books are all about the imageless, authentic, Spirituality ~ Gary Bate. *

We are here to know ourselves -
a journey to discover YOU.

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The Question Is


Exploring the link between Consciousness
and Health.

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Soul Completion

Soul Completion

Evolving your Soul in today's World

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The Impeccable Journey

The Impeccable Journey

Purging all that's untrue about you...

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Pure Mind

Pure Mind

The return to purity through wisdom.
It is the mind of Time Travellers...

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I only have beautiful experiences
How to create a better life for yourself.

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I am now available for teaching assignments here in the UK.

Those who accept death should not fear it because after the transition, we essentially remain what we are. In other words, we still have Spirit & Soul and another embodiment, albeit a Light body.

I have always said that we can only go to where we know. However, our science has now proven the existence of parallel Worlds, so we can be sure that not only do they exist, but that there are Worlds that are of a higher frequency than this World and thus provide a more loving environment for us to live in.

In over 2000 years, we haven't managed to create a clean environment and live in peace. The wars rage on and the controllers continue to destroy the environment. I say this because it's evidence that the future trajectory of this World will not improve living conditions for the likes of you and I.

My message for all those who plan on dying is – when you find yourself back in your Light body, do investigate 'other Worlds' before you decide to reincarnate here again. Yes, see how they look, but more importantly, see how they live. Do you want to live amongst them? I mean, what's it like in the Pleiades? What's it like in the Andromeda universe/galaxy? Alpha Centauri? To name a few. That's not to forget the Worlds that closely mirror this one...

I write because I care about people. I care about the present and I care about the future. I care about my friends and I care about those close to me, including my dogs. I care about life and its quality. I think it stinks that there are selfish tyrants on this planet who just want to take advantage of others. To me, they are the scum of this Earth.

So I write. I write for those who are interested in their own personal development and for those who have simply accepted their lot. All are important to me. My future matters to me and in my opinion, your future should matter to you.

You can know if you want to know – you just have to ask. There are much better places to hang out than this speck of dust on the edge of the Milky Way. But can we change the trajectory of this World? No – we're not brave enough. These wars are not about the people; they simply fulfil many aspects of the 'not so' hidden agenda that the string-pullers have here.

This World is controlled in the Light by the 'Lords' and their agents here and we are nothing more than fodder for them. You cannot escape them by going to them; you can only escape them by rising above them and that's why I have written 7 books for you ~ Gary Bate.