I share what I believe to be the truth. That is not to say that it is the truth, but that it is my truth from the conclusions I have come to. You are welcome to adopt whatever resonates with you.

If you want to know how you're doing in life; just look at your attitude and your intent towards other people – that's your barometer.

You may think you know another person but you don't really know them. You don't fully know yourself; never mind fantasising about others.

We are here to know ourselves by Gary Bate.

Our emotions are the indicators of the wisdom we are missing. Sometimes we have the wisdom but we are not yet living true to it. That's the Spiritual walk...

There are those who just talk the talk and those who quietly get on with walking the walk. A master is only ever found in the latter group. A master can prove that they are a master.

If you're on the slippery slope then it's not about what other people are doing or how much food you can eat; it's about what you can gain for your Soul. That's the internal focus you need to evolve yourself.

You'll never find what you're looking for in another person because they have their own agenda. Servitude is the path for the foolish - come volunteer for me, come serve me, come give me your power...

Joy is the prize (the surprise) and that's totally down to you making the corrections in your mind. It's never about other people or what's going on in the World. You don't need to go anywhere to experience the highest experience. For you it's all about you and what's going on in your mind. What's your body trying to tell you? The ressurection of your body is always in alignment with the ressurection of your mind and that of course is your internal journey no matter where you are...

If you're not living your truth; you'll be on the slippery slope to your own demise. Your Spirit will only stick around for as long as you are living your truth. It's NEVER about other people...

Your journey is to finally 'live in joy' and walking through the labyrinth of your mind is how you get there. That is 'going within'. Meditation is just a 'feel good' practise...

If you're not self-correcting your mind and working on your own self-mastery, then what is the purpose of your life? ~ Gary Bate.

This is my truth so take it or leave it by Gary Bate

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I wrote this because you're just not going to get this from anyone else.

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From a Spiritual context we're all here to try and live in joy, the highest feeling there is; yet at the same time we have to somehow ignore the fact that the Zionists are constantly trying to kill us in the many different ways they know of. We cannot eat, drink or breathe without being poisoned by what they have created – it's a very strange life for us to contend. Why can't we all live in harmony?

Response from a friend:

I think about this often... it's really odd that we are even here at all, our whole existence is a sham. IMO we are like ants and everything we think we are or know is just an illusion. which is maddening to consider and want to even continue breathing, like what's even the point tbh but here we are living, breathing, being utterly controlled by others at all times...very strange indeed!

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