We are here to know ourselves was written in 1999 and underwent minor editing in 2009. Your understanding of The Question Is (published 2013) will be enhanced if you read it second. Soul Completion was published in April 2019 and is all about evolving your Soul in today's World. I am excited because I've just published my fourth book entitled The Impeccable Journey, which is the inward journey of purging yourself of everything that's untrue about you. It is the true Spiritual path ~ Gary Bate.

Joy is our natural state of being when we are being what we truly are ~ Gary Bate.

There is a fundamental problem on this planet and it seems like I am the only person talking about it. It's not the real possibility of a nuclear war or the dire state of our environment or even the extensive mind control practised; it's how we've all been branded with the wrong identity.

From the outset we had 'no teachers teaching the most important teaching' – the correct identity. Indeed, we never got it from anyone. All we got was 'human' and no explanation as to what human means. Well, let me tell you what it means:

By accepting the branding you are accepting that you are a body and that your behaviour is in common with what your society considers to be 'normal' or at least it doesn't stray too far from that. That is the mind-controlled human.

Understanding the true nature of what you are, makes all the difference to how you view life and it clears up any issues of insecurity and emotions born out of 'not knowing'. You get to see beyond the illusion.

We 'the people' are waking up. Our scientists are proving the validity of energetic medicine. We now have emerging fields like functional food. We have gravitated from coming purely from the bottom up (from seeing everything from the perspective of body consciousness); but we're still not coming from the top down (from seeing everything from the perspective of our true nature). We are somewhere in the middle ~ Gary.

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