Cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value - the price is all about supply, demand and hype!

What gives a crypto or virtual currency intrinsic value, is its success at trading for goods & services.

There’s a tremendous opportunity to develop the Terra Crypto or Virtual currency (Terra or TerraCoin) trading on the TerraTrada trading platform.

We are looking for ‘partners’ to create the Terra blockchain and the TerraTrada website…

Perhaps you can help?

Here is more information:

The TerraTrada project is to create a New International Economy that provides a global exchange facility, allowing members to exchange their goods and services via a Cryto or Virtual currency known as the Terra.

Terras are only issued in one way, which is a variable amount for each new member introduced to TerraTrada by one of its members. The variation will allow for the stable value of the currency.

So there are 2 ways to prosper with TT, namely, introducing others and selling products & services.

There are no charges to members for the use of the TerraTrada website and all transations are free. There is no advertising beyond what each member can input for themselves.

You are responsible for your own delivery costs but these can be negotiated with your buyers. If you elect to purchase 'Dispute Resolution' tickets, there are fees for them because we have to pay mediators.

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