Acceptance of the way it is by Gary Bate

Often but not always, you will have a life-changing affect upon someone close to you, or they will have that affect upon you; or both will happen. Regardless of whether that happens or not, it's important to accept their life's journey and that that will not always involve you.

Accept and respect everyone's never-ending journey and let go of them, because your involvement with them is only ever temporary...

People touch our lives and we touch theirs and that's a beautiful thing, but it's always temporary. There are people I love dearly, but I know their future journeys will not involve me.

We are not here to try and change other people; we are here to accept them for how they are. We are here to change ourselves and that's as far as it goes.

Love isn't holding on; it's letting go...

You never know what the soul of another person harbours; it's enough to become sufficiently self-aware to know what your soul harbours.

The answers you are looking for will never be found in others; they are only ever found in you.

If you want an indicator of how well you're doing, then you only have to look at your attitude towards other people. Maturity, enlightenment, wisdom, insanity; can all be observed in you. The barometer of 'doing well' is measured not by what you say or your activities or how successful you are perceived to be, but by your demeanor with other people.

Let's be honest here – there is no shortage of arseholes in this World, but does that mean we have to stoop to their level and become one? Fortunately, most people are beautiful people.

The whole essence of personal development is not about being clever with words or giving off the image of being a 'do gooder' or increasing your bottom line at someone else's expense; it's growing up in consciousness and intimately understanding this life in order to improve your attitude towards other people.

Man is commonly delusional to feed his ego. This accounts for a lot of the dribble that comes out of people's mouths. Neediness rules the days here and this is ego (body) consciousness. If you've ever wondered why X and Y are together; the cat is now out of the bag (neediness attracts neediness)!

In the context of personal development, you can cut through all of the measures of success this World has to offer and just accept one statement, “attitude is everything”. I've written 7 books on the subject, but I could have just said, “Just focus on improving your attitude towards all life” ~ Gary Bate.

Copyright Gary Bate 30th July 2021.

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